Electronica: Knowles showing half turn trimmer capacitors

Electronica: Knowles showing half turn trimmer capacitors

Edith 2018-11-15

At Electronica, Knowles Precision Devices brand Voltronics is showing a range of non-magnetic trimmer products,  particularly  the J series of half turn trimmer capacitors.

trimmer capacitor.jpeg

The J series delivers stability for  applications including RFID, medical devices, cellular technologies, tunable filter circuits and much more.

 Available in standard and high voltage (HV) ranges, they offer up to 50pF and 350V DC working voltage.

Design engineers are often faced a trade-off  between a fixed or trimmer capacitor.

While a trimmer capacitor may be considered slightly more expensive than a fixed-value capacitor, it is often cost-comparable to the closest tolerance MLCC. But in addition, it will provide greater flexibility. 

The’ J series, half-turn trimmer capacitors offer a solution for surface-mount variable capacitor requirements. 

The JZ series features the lowest magnetic content making them particularly suitable for MRI applications. 

They are also available in an HV version, providing working voltage up to 350 VDC with DWV of 700 VDC in addition to a recently extended maximum capacitance of 50 pF.

The JR series offer most of the range of capacitance available in the JZ series but in a more compact package size. 

Both ranges are pick-and-place compatible and feature a dust-proof and solvent-resistant design.

Source from:electronicsweekly