Mouser adds Microchip’s dual-core DSCs for motor control

Mouser adds Microchip’s dual-core DSCs for motor control

Edith 2018-08-17

dual-core digital signal controllers (DSCs) for motor control applications.

dual-core DSCs

The  dual-core DSCs combine two dsPIC DSC cores in a single chip, with optional support for the control area network flexible data rate (CAN-FD) protocol.

The communications characteristics with increased bandwidth make the DSCs suitable for embedded applications with algorithms, such as  motor control, server power supplies, automotive sensors, industrial IoT systems,, wireless power, and  industrial automation.

Code can be developed by design teams and integrated into the chip. The master core runs the user interface, communications and system-monitoring functions, while the slave core executes dedicated, time-critical control code. Peripherals include four 12-bit, 3.5Msample/s ADCs and up to 12 high-speed PWM channels with 250ps resolution.

There are three low-power management modes and safety features include integrated power-on reset and brown-out reset.

The dsPIC33CH Curiosity development board is designed for use with Microchip’s MPLAB X integrated development environment (IDE) and the MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) tool. It includes an integrated PICkit-on-Board programmer and debugger, through-hole and SMT prototyping area, and two MikroElektronika mikroBUS interfaces for hardware expansion.

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