History's first "robot citizen" Sophia has welcomed a little sister

History's first "robot citizen" Sophia has welcomed a little sister

tenco 2019-02-14

Sophia the robot is known around the world for her jokes and was granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia for the first time in human history.Sophia has almost exactly human skin: made with a malleable material called Frubber, the pores of her face can be anywhere from 4 to 40 nanometers in size, and her face and neck have 62 muscle structures that allow for natural facial expression.

Sophia recently welcomed a "" little sister" "Sophia, a new STEM, AI and programming robot aimed at kids ages 7 to 13.

At present, little Sophia is crowdfunding on the foreign crowdfunding website Kickstarter, with the goal of 75,000 dollars, which has reached 126,000 dollars, and there are still 47 days left for crowdfunding, and the expected delivery date is December 2019.

According to the official introduction, little Sophia has the same lovely personality as Sophia, is playful and curious, can generate a variety of human facial expressions, and can respond to orders, positive dialogue.

Little Sophia is the first consumer robot independently developed by Hanson Robotics.