Dell and Fujitsu to use Intel FPGAs in servers

Dell and Fujitsu to use Intel FPGAs in servers

Left-Girl 2018-05-30

“We are beginning our adoption of Intel Programmable Acceleration Card with Arria 10 GX FPGA with PRIMERGY server and engaging our priority customers,” says Fujitsu’s Kenichi Saka.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R640, R740 and R740XD servers incorporating Intel FPGA acceleration are now available for volume deployment.

This PCIe-based FPGA accelerator card for data centers offers both inline and lookaside acceleration.

This acceleration stack provides a common developer interface for both application and accelerator function developers, and includes drivers, application programming interfaces (APIs), and an FPGA interface manager.

Together with acceleration libraries and development tools, the acceleration stack saves developers time and enables code re-use across multiple Intel FPGA platforms.

The card can be deployed in a variety of servers used in big data analytics, AI, genomics, video transcoding, cybersecurity, and financial trading.