University of Cambridge researchers say machine learning is key to self-driving car

University of Cambridge researchers say machine learning is key to self-driving car

Edith 2018-07-13

A Cambridge-based start-up believes machine learning software is the key to autonomous vehicles and Wayve is developing machine learning algorithms for autonomous vehicles. 

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Wayve, which includes the chief scientist at Uber amongst its investors, believes the industry has been doing too much hand-engineering and too little machine learning. 

The firm is hiring for positions in its Cambridge-based headquarters.

Wayve Co-Founder and CEO, Amar Shah, writes:

“The missing piece of the self-driving puzzle is intelligent algorithms, not more sensors, rules and maps. Humans have a fascinating ability to perform complex tasks in the real world, because our brains allow us to learn quickly and transfer knowledge across our many experiences. We want to give our vehicles better brains, not more hardware.” 

Wayve Co-Founder and CTO, Alex Kendall believes building a self-driving system which can safely drive on roads is too difficult to hand-engineer.

“We’re betting on technology like reinforcement and imitation learning; we think machine learning will provide the breakthrough to deliver autonomous vehicles for everyone, everywhere,” said Kendall. 

With PhD researchers from Cambridge University, Wayve is testing its algorithms on public UK roads. The company has previously raised investment from New York based Compound, European fund Fly Ventures and London based firstminute capital. 

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Wayve’s team includes specilaits in robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence from both Cambridge and Oxford universities.

Its work ranges from using deep learning for visual scene understanding to autonomous decision making in uncertain environments with Prof. Zoubin Ghahramani, Chief Scientist of Uber is an investor in Wayve. 

Wayve is being supported by Admiral through this trial in providing fully comprehensive insurance cover on the vehicle. 

“Admiral is delighted to be supporting this trial. We are excited by the vision presented by Wayve and their focus for on-road testing is seen as crucial in understanding the risks and impact of autonomous systems being brought to our roads,” said head of automotive partnerships at Admiral, Gareth Rees.

Source from:electronicsweekly