China buys first EUV machine

China buys first EUV machine

Edith 2018-09-19

China has ordered its first EUV, machine, reports Digitimes. It will be used to make 7nm geometry ICs. The purchaser is SMIC.  

EUV machine

ASML’s sales in China are not subject to the Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Controls for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Technologies, says Shen Po, President of ASML China.

ASML will be shipping the EUV machine to SMIC in early 2019, says Shen.

Shen says that ASML is now expecting more EUV orders from China.

ASML plans to make 20 EUV machines this year, 30 next year and 40 in 2020, says Shen.

China currently accounts for 20% of ASML’s revenues.

Source from:electronicsweekly