Programmable PXI rack resistors for test and measurement

Programmable PXI rack resistors for test and measurement

Edith 2018-10-24

Pickering Interfaces has launched a family of 110 programmable resistor modules with 2.5W, 5W or 10W power handling capability at 100V or as limited by power.


Models 40-251 (2.5W), 40-252 (5W) and 40-253 (10W) are aimed at applications that require accurate medium-power programmable resistance such as a programmable load for the testing of electronic control units (ECUs) in automotive, military and aerospace sectors, as well as level sensing.

Available in modular PXI format for system integration, the resistor modules are compatible with a wide range of chassis, including PXI, PXIe Hybrid, cPCI and Pickering USB/LXI chassis.

Units have between 1 and 8 resistance channels per module, resistance settings from 1Ω to 22MΩ and resolutions from 0.125Ω to 2Ω.

“By offering such a choice of resistance channel counts, ranges and setting resolutions, we are addressing a wide variety of medium-power electronic test and measurement applications, delivering test engineers exactly what they need rather than forcing them to accept a compromise,” claimed Pickering simulation product manager Paul Bovingdon.


Soft control panel

Resistor channels are programmed using resistance calls to the software driver, and each channel can be set as short or open circuit to simulate a wiring or sensor fault.

“A calibration cable assembly can be attached to the module in place of the unit-under-test enable a multi-meter to be used for verifying the resistor channels.,” said Pickering. “This considerably simplifies the checking of the module’s calibration.”

Essex-based Pickering offers a standard three-year warranty and guaranteed long-term product support.

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