Blockchain tackles fog

Blockchain tackles fog

Edith 2018-10-27

Leti’s sensiNact IoT middleware will be the core of a platform under development in an EU-Korean project that will empower decentralised AI applications at the edge.

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Decentralisation from the cloud to the edge is a key challenge of AI technologies applied to large heterogeneous systems, including ensuring timely and effective responses that are critical (e.g. braking).

The joint project, called DECENTER, will integrate a broad spectrum of technologies, such as the IoT, AI, the cloud, edge, fog computing and smart contracts tied together with a secure blockchain.

It will focus on developing a platform that facilitates creation of a new ecosystem in which computing and IoT resources (processing, memory, storage, connectivity, sensing, actuating, etc.) can be harmoniously orchestrated in dynamically created multi-cloud, federated environments.

In this advanced fog computing platform, all providers can share resources and be rewarded through the automatic execution of smart contracts logged and monitored via blockchain-based technologies.

The ultimate goal is advanced cloud platforms that empower emerging AI applications with on-demand computing at the edge of the infrastructure.

While processing that requires more computing and storage resources will still be done in the cloud, timely and effective computing at the edge that supports AI can improve the safety of citizens in pedestrian crossings, workers and assets in logistic and construction areas and children and parents at home.

CEA-Leti’s IoT middleware, sensiNact, which will be the core of the project’s fog platform, has been in development and trials since 2010.

It is a unified framework for integrating and managing IoT devices via generic application programming interfaces (APIs). It collects, aggregates and securely scripts data from a wide range of communicating objects, regardless of the network communication protocol.

As a key component of the DECENTER platform, it will provide distributed sensing and actuation resources that will be shared and used by the blockchain-based resource orchestrator to ensure the accounting and the integrity of the transactions by smart contracts.

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