[Electronics] DIY Bluetooth Speaker

[Electronics] DIY Bluetooth Speaker

Edith 2018-11-15

DIY Bluetooth card speaker

First prepare an aluminum shell, I use the sound shell on the picture

Remove all the original audio parts and open the holes! It is difficult to open the hole.

Prepare four speakers, two for diaphragm removal

Open and tear! Remove the paper from the edge of the horn, and then use the knife to cut the middle to take out the diaphragm.




Put the other two speakers into the net cover and solder the wire




It is more difficult to drill the aluminum casing with an electric drill, because the drill is too small.


I finally got it.

The hardest thing to do next, polishing and polishing took me a very long time.

Finally, I want to open another hole, but the small electric drill is broken. Had to rely on polishing.


After grinding, put the diaphragm on, the hot melt adhesive waits!


Next, prepare scissors, paper box and ruler, measure the side of the aluminum shell and draw it on the paper, cut it off.


Mounted on aluminum shell

I found another diaphragm and glued it to another hole. It was also hot melt adhesive and then stuck on the paper.

Then the protagonist appeared, this is what I bought in the online store, the charging board and the booster board are also bought. I just wanted to make it myself, but the postage is too expensive, so I don't do it myself.

When you are not welding, you can use other photos directly.


Then put the decoder board and the boost charging board together in the aluminum case, plug in the battery, and lock the screw.








Charging port and switch


Because there is no habit of doing shooting while doing, I think of it, the process is not complete.

I feel very sorry. 

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