Huawei has officially confirmed that it will launch a new generation of kirin processors on September 6

Huawei has officially confirmed that it will launch a new generation of kirin processors on September 6

tenco 2019-08-26

As has been huawei's strategy, kirin's flagship processor will be the first of its own Mate, and this year it will be the Mate 30.

On August 24th it was announced that huawei has officially confirmed that its Hays unit will launch a new generation of kirin processors on September 6th, and now it has begun to warm up the new products.

According to official huawei previews, the new kirin processors will evolve, especially in support of 5G networks and AI.There have been previous reports that the new processor could be branded as the kirin 990, which seems to have been confirmed in advance in the presentation slides of huawei's upgraded 910 AI processor.

When huawei executive chairman xu zhijun introduced huawei's full-stack AI solution with Da Vinci as the core architecture, some chip application cases appeared in the PPT, among which, it was confirmed that kirin 990 will be officially launched in the IFA 2019 exhibition in Germany (September 6).

Or first ARM's latest architecture

As huawei mobile processors flagship version since 2019 inquiry, kirin 990 this will be a new NPU, the research of leonardo Da Vinci architecture integrated the huawei want to emphasize an ascending, at the same time, it may adopt ARM's latest A77 architecture (kirin 980 starting the Cortex A76 architecture), is expected to integrate 5 g baseband, if so, then it will become the world's first integrated 5 g baseband chip SOC.

The kirin 990 will use TSMC's latest 7nm process, which, unlike its predecessor, incorporates EUV ultraviolet lithography (which USES optical etching to lay out the arrangement of transistors and other components on silicon wafers).With the introduction of this new technology, the new 7nm process will improve both power consumption and performance by 20% over previous versions.

According to the details of some previous foreign media demonstrations, some of the demo versions of Mate X have been equipped with kirin's latest processor, which supports recording in 4K 60fps video. However, other sources said that besides kirin 990, huawei may also prepare kirin 985. The positioning of the two processors is slightly different.

5G baseband leads qualcomm by more than half a year

As the 5 g mobile phone's leading players, huawei is more comprehensive than qualcomm, after all, they can provide end-to-end service, 5 g on mobile built-in 5 g baseband processor, the kirin 990 will continue to use barone 5000, this scheme has completely reached the bottom of the mature commercial, it is currently the world's first single core multimode 5 g baseband.It achieves 4.6Gbps network speed in sub-6ghz (low-frequency band, 5G's main frequency band) band and 6.5Gbps in MMW (high-frequency band, 5G's extended frequency band) band, which is the fastest 5G baseband.

Compared with huawei, currently qualcomm only has snapdragon X50 baseband solution, which only supports NSA networking (barong 5000 supports 5G SA independent and NSA non-independent networking). For many operators, 5G commercial use this networking approach at the early stage, but at the later stage, they still use SA as the final networking approach.Although both SA and NSA are a type of 5G network, the problem with the latter is that it cannot support 5G new features such as low latency (the advantage is that 4G and 5G share core network and save network investment).

Qualcomm before the situation is, in order to keep up with the pace of the huawei, introduced a Xiao dragon X55 baseband, its biggest upgrade is joined to the SA networking support, but from the industry chain are news, it also will have to wait until finally widespread use in the second quarter of next year, so from that perspective, huawei 5 g baseband lead qualcomm at least more than six months.

The Mate 30 will be launched by huawei to beat apple to production capacity

As has been huawei's strategy, kirin's flagship processor will be the first of its own Mate, and this year it will be the Mate 30.According to foreign media reports, before Mate 30 series could be released in Germany on September 19th, now the machine test work is under way, according to news from the industry chain is given, the new use is samsung 1200 p resolution waterfall curved surface screen, change into the rear four taken at the same time, the main camera upgrade double 40 million pixels, at the same time plus a 8 million pixels and a ToF ultra wide Angle lens, and support the 5 g network.

In order to win more orders for its kylin 990, industry sources said that huawei has already placed a large number of orders for TSMC to grab more production capacity.It is reported that apple's new generation of iPhone A13 will also be used, because the new production line yield is not high, so the early production capacity is very tight, if you do not sell the order in advance, it will be grabbed by competitors, leaving a series of new phones in a passive position.

Yu before, said huawei mobile phone shipments to complete 240 million units this year there is no problem, on the basis of this massive amounts, they are focused on improving its high-end phones in proportion, which is based on mobile phone use kirin processors, so with higher sales, huawei also must be ready to order in advance, to boost the supply chain to their importance.