Super alarm clock

Super alarm clock

Edith 2018-10-29




Electronic alarm clock*1

High current relay*1

Car speaker*1

11.1v lithium battery*1

One way wireless module*1


Small pieces


Hole plate


Capacitance 4.7uf 16v or more*1

T plug *1

Switch wire self-tapping plug spring strip


Function: Replace the buzzer of the electronic clock with a car horn. Why use a wireless module. This alarm clock is definitely not possible to put it on the bedside. But you can't close it, so add one. Wireless module to turn off the alarm (press the "Snoozing" button)


I am no longer woken up, but I am scared



Here's the production process:


Take the alarm off




Screw two bases on the housing



Below is a photo of my test drive circuit


Circuit diagram

(Generally, the buzzer of the electronic alarm clock is connected to the power supply at one end and the buzzer is controlled with the low level at the other end. So here only the negative pole of the alarm power supply and the "negative" side of the buzzer are connected)

Next, put the horn on a wooden board first.



Next, take the line in the alarm clock and fix it on the board (I drilled four holes on the board and fixed it directly with a plastic strap)


Welded plate (where a large current is used, I used a tin strip to lead the soldering relay. I can put the spring on the board and put it on the board in the appropriate position and then solder it in the way of "sMD" (I use a double panel) ))



T-plugs and switches are also "patch"

Connect the alarm clock and board to the circuit diagram

After loading it on the board, I made two strips of holes on the board. I used the Velcro to tie the battery.

after finishing:




Small size... a palm can hold the base


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