Electronica: Automotive power modules from On Semi

Electronica: Automotive power modules from On Semi

Edith 2018-11-09

At Electronica next week, On Semi will be aiming at on-board electric vehicle charging with power modules.


FAM65xxx is a family of APM16-packaged devices, with one device outline covering H-Bridge, power factor correction and bridge rectifier configurations.

Internally, the devices have a direct-bonded copper (DBC) structure that is isolated to 5kVac “making them easier to use by alleviating the need for insulation sheets associated with discrete solutions”, said the firm.

Qualification is to AECQ 101 and AQG324.


Previously,  On Semi has used two similar modules, FAM65CR51DZ1 PFC and FAM65HR51DS1, in a 3.3kW on-board charger design, using a two phase interleaved power factor corrector coupled with an LLC dc-dc converter – detailed in app note AND9813-D.

On Semiconductor’s booth at Electronica will include demonstrations featuring the new FAM65xxxx modules, as well as addressing applications in areas such as vehicle electrification, autonomous driving and lighting technology.

Amongst these will be a demo showing how ultrasonic sensors used in a triangulation format can determine and monitor the position of a moving obstacle over a range of 30cm to several meters.

Other sensing products will include silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) detectors for lidar abd a demonstration of the AR0233 and AR0820 CMOS image sensors for automotive applications such as front view cameras for ADAS and other autonomous driving systems.

Drivers for front and rear vehicle LED lighting will also be on show, as well as welcome lighting, soft dimming and diagnostics.

Source from:electronicsweekly