Electronica: Bluetooth 5 energy harvesting switch

Electronica: Bluetooth 5 energy harvesting switch

Edith 2018-11-10

ZF Switches and Sensors, and On Semi, have teamed up to demonstrate a Bluetooth 5 LE switch powered by the mechanical action of the rocker.


It combines ZF’s electromechanical energy-harvesting switch assembly (right) with On’s RSL10 SIP – a low-power Bluetooth 5 certified system-in-package from ON Semiconductor.

“The SIP solution features such ultra-low-power characteristics that a low-loss Schottky diode bridge rectifier and electrolytic capacitor is enough to provide power from the switch to the Bluetooth 5 device,” said ZF. “This enables the switch to be used with applications for Bluetooth Low Energy communications.”

Applications are expected in buildings, home automation, lighting, shutter control, healthcare, alarm systems, fall detection and vehicle counting.

Demonstrations will be available at the ZF stand at Electronica (530, hall B3) and the On Semi stand (101, hall C4).

The core generator of the ZF energy harvester is electromagnetic and is available in mono-stable (momentary) or bi-stable (latching) forms.

The raw generator can be bought on its own for OEM designs, or there are rocker switch, snap switch, one way push button or two way push buttons versions. Receivers are also available.

With no battery required, ZF claims almost infinite product lifetime, no pollution in operation and no maintenance cost.

Source from:electronicsweekly