Relay has optically-coupled MOSFET

Relay has optically-coupled MOSFET

Edith 2018-11-19

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division, now part of Little fuse, is in production  of the  CPC1984Y, a 600V, Normally Open Power SIP Relay, rated for up to 1A DC/1Arms continuous load current.

optically-coupled MOSFET.jpeg

The device uses optically coupled MOSFET technology to provide 4000Vrms of input-to-output isolation.

The relay offers the best combination of load voltage and load current available with a 4000Vrms isolation voltage.

The optically coupled outputs, which employ IXYS ICD’s patented OptoMOS architecture, are controlled by an IR  LED.

With a typical on-resistance rating of just 0.51 Ohms and a maximum rating of just 0.66 Ohms, the CPC1984Y offers significantly lower on-resistance than competitive devices.

Its 600V blocking voltage rating provides sufficient design margin for both 110Vrms/220Vrms power line applications for universal power supplies.

Source from:electronicsweekly