Molex styles small pitch connector for reliability

Molex styles small pitch connector for reliability

Edith 2018-09-28

Molex has announced two families of FFC/FPC connectors designed to add high-reliability to small-pitch.

FFC/FPC connectors.jpg

Dubbed Easy-On FFC/FPC connectors they are available in 0.5mm pitch and 1.0mm pitch formats.

Both formats have a double-bottom contact terminal which is designed to remove dust and contaminants from the connection better than single-bottom contact terminals. 

There is a vacuum pick-and-place area on the top of the housing to allow for easier board assembly, and a cable ear-tab locking terminal in the interests of secure connection.

Both connector sizes feature a heat-resistant resin housing and a range of 4 to 80 circuits, spread across multiple profile heights.

Also, the 0.5mm connector offers single and double contacts to support different circuit size, height and cable styles.

Source from:electronicsweekly