[Electronics] Change the mini Tesla coil with the waste power box

[Electronics] Change the mini Tesla coil with the waste power box

Edith 2018-11-14

This is a distributed-parameter high-frequency resonant transformer that can obtain high-frequency voltages of millions of volts. The principle of a Tesla coil is to use a transformer to boost the normal voltage and then discharge the device from the discharge terminal via a two-pole coil. Simply described,it is an artificial lightning generator. There are tesla coil enthusiasts around the world who make all kinds of devices.

power box


Made of pure steel, very strong

Seeing the SGTC I used to do, I was so confused that I thought of making a case with this power box.

Sgtc is a spark gap Tesla coil, the circuit diagram is as follows

Start making

My homemade electric drill


First make a hole in the lid of the box, then put on the switch

Playing 4 eyes, install the terminal block

Do some decoration

At this time, the inside will be like this

Sorry, so messy

Now start connecting circuits, this is my zvs

Venue using irfz44

High voltage package (Sony)

Pull arc effect (12V4A input)


This is my high voltage capacitor made of foil tape.


Assembled and placed in the box

Cover and twist the screws

Next round is the first time debut



Another big secondary that has not been circumvented


power supply

Ground wire


Discharge diagram

too bright

Try moving in the dark

The effect is good, oh yeah

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