[Electronics] DIY Multimedia Subwoofer Speaker

[Electronics] DIY Multimedia Subwoofer Speaker

Edith 2018-12-04

I made this multimedia speaker in my spare time, and it works well..

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There are just idle Bluetooth headsets, two-channel power amplifier board, level indicator IC, idle MP4, speakers, etc., so I suddenly made this multimedia speaker.

The two-channel power amplifier board and MP4 power supply use a 2 * 2200 mAh polymer battery (so MP4 can display power supply), and the Bluetooth and level indicators are powered by a 1200 mAh polymer battery. Continuous use time is actually measured at full power for up to 20-25 days without charging

The playback distance of Bluetooth can be up to 10 meters. Here, a large antenna is added to the Bluetooth module, that is, the FET is scrapped.

1: Welding of Bluetooth module

2: Power amplifier board and MP4

3: Welding of mp4 MINI USB holder

4: After welding the components

5: The production of the outer panel is made of plywood, hand-punched and polished.



6: Level indicating test machine and welding




7: LED installation


8: Assemble, debug, install the sound-absorbing cotton horn. The diaphragm is installed in the middle to help increase the bass effect.















Sound-absorbing cotton helps to show the bass

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