[electronic] Diy small speaker

[electronic] Diy small speaker

tenco 2019-01-24

Circuit diagram to be used

Voice control light

2284 power amplifier board (front)


Voice control light (front)



Because there are a few pictures too big to upload

Looking for a carton

(The picture is too large)


(The picture is too large)

Beautify the horn hole (I use anti-electric tape)


Sound control light connection (even the microphone must use the microphone. If you connect the audio cable directly, there will be noise. I admit that the line is a bit messy)

Switch section

Later, I added a two-color light (I want to put the charging board into it. Adding a light is a charging indicator. But the integrated block 4056 did not do it)

After fixing, the upper partition (the hot melt glue will continue to be fixed)

Test it (the sound quality is good. But the sound will be distorted when it is full.) (Things on the speaker are used for heightening)

The original audio cable is too short to make one (heat shrink line for aesthetics)

Commissioning completed (and cover)

Tools (double-sided tape, scissors, transparent glue, drawing paper)

It’s not good to draw paper holes, but it’s okay.

Feel good

upper half

the second half

Take a photo

manufacture complete