NVIDIA introduces the GTX 16 series desktop graphics card

NVIDIA introduces the GTX 16 series desktop graphics card

tenco 2019-04-22

There are already several GTX 16 series desktop graphics CARDS, and it's even been reported that NVIDIA will add a GTX 1650 1000 product next week.

In addition to the desktop burst, NVIDIA seems to be following up on the laptop platform, with the latest teaser from the official twitter feed indicating that a turing-based GTX 16xx laptop graphics card is coming.

While The brief warm-up to video didn't mention The main character, but simply said, "The are coming," given that The RTX graphics card notebook (including The MaxQ) has its place in The alien, asus, microstar, razer and other product lines, it's clear that The new face is coming.


In fact, acer's updated Predator Helios 300 e-sports notebook features a GTX 1660 Ti in its configuration list, with 6GB of memory, an i7-9750h processor, and a 9-generation core CPU.

While the GTX 16 hard drive lacks RT Core and Tensor Core, NVIDIA's drive will also turn on ray-tracing support for them.In addition, the performance of GTX 1660 TI desktop card is slightly better than that of GTX 1070. As a more important battlefield of NV, mobile platform will never be negatively optimized.