[Electronics] Single tube SSTC tutorial (can be arc-blasted)

[Electronics] Single tube SSTC tutorial (can be arc-blasted)

Edith 2018-10-18

Ordinary SSTC has higher cost and lower success rate, while single-tube SSTC has low cost and high success rate. Today we will do one.

Circuit diagram

There is no component type on the top, but nothing, just follow the wiring diagram.


Soldered board

Pipe, induction cooker tube, large heat sink

Primary coil

Secondary coil

Note, don't add top

Connected circuit

Note that one end of the secondary coil is connected to the feedback input and is grounded (not the negative pole of the power supply, it is the grounding wire)

The drive is powered by a 12V battery and the tube is powered by an adjustable power supply of 24V (I have re-made an adjustable power supply, but no housing)

Arc blasting effect

Because my power supply voltage is not high, the arc is short, and everyone can die.

A simple fixed-frequency SSTC tuning method

Required tools, materials, instruments


2. A killer exciter

3.TC primary

4.TC secondary

5. Power supply

First connect the exciter to the TC. Note: The B pole of the triode must be grounded, not the negative pole of the power supply! Otherwise, the result is not accurate, then connect the oscilloscope to the exciter, connect to the B and E poles of the triode, ensure that there is nothing else near the top of the TC, power on, observe the waveform 丶 frequency, if the waveform is stable, the frequency is stable, then this The frequency is this TC resonance frequency.

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