The first quantum computer power source in Russia has been developed

The first quantum computer power source in Russia has been developed

tenco 2019-02-12

Quantum computers cannot use ordinary power supplies because such computers may treat small changes in current performance as changes in the processed information and give erroneous results. Russia's Novosibirsk State Technical University developed the first quantum computer power supply in Russia and tested it.

To date, expensive imported power sources have been used for research related to the manufacture of Russian quantum computers. According to Alexei Vostrezov, the academic vice president of the National Technical University of Novosibirsk, the multi-channel power supply successfully produced by Russian engineers is as good as similar foreign products.

Vostrezov believes that from the perspective of national security, the manufacture of domestic quantum computer power is of great significance. In recent years, the competition of quantum technology has mainly been carried out among major powers. At present, China, the United States and Russia are actively developing quantum computers with multiple qubits. In the fall of 2018, the EU launched a 1 billion euro quantum technology development plan. The first country to create a quantum processing information system will gain significant advantages over other countries. The amount of computation that quantum computers can do in minutes or even seconds, and modern computers take years.