UnitedSiC introduces Kelvin contact silicon carbide mosfets

UnitedSiC introduces Kelvin contact silicon carbide mosfets

Edith 2018-12-04

UnitedSiC has expanded its UF3C FAST series of silicon carbide mosfets to include parts with Kelvin contacts.

contact silicon carbide mosfets

Available in 650V and 1.2kV versions, they come in a TO-247-4L package.

"The Kelvin package avoids gate ringing and false triggering which would otherwise require slowing of switching speeds to manage the large common source inductance of three-leaded packages," said the firm, which added that the packages operate up to 175°C.

Applications are foreseen in totem pole PFC stages, LLC and phase-shifted full bridge converters – within EV chargers, telecoms power and servers.

The devices within are cascode pairs – with gate-drive going to a low-voltage silicon mosfet, which controls a depletion-mode high-voltage silicon carbide fet.

"Compared with other wide band-gap technologies, the SiC cascode devices offer standard 12V gate drive, and have 100% production tested avalanche ratings," said UltraSiC.

The range includes:

UF3C120040K4S (1.2kV 40mΩ)

UF3C120080K4S (1.2kV 80mΩ)

UF3C065030K4S (650V 30mΩ)

UF3C065040K4S (650V 40mΩ)

UF3C065080K4S (650V 80mΩ)

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