[Electronics] DIY Transistor Music Spectrum

[Electronics] DIY Transistor Music Spectrum

Edith 2018-11-01

It took two days and I made a music spectrum.
Not easy. I picked it up in the middle of the night. This spectrum is not what you imagined in the microcontroller.
Instead, it is made with a triode.
More than 40 transistors, 100 resistors, and a lot of capacitors and led.
Look at the picture
Is it very mini?
The above triodes and diodes are very much ~~


Double-layer hole plate structure

After separation

The opposite side of the hole board: Don't be scared!The reverse side of the white hole plate is basically all chip resistor
 I am hand-welded one by one.

The details section, led current limit, with 300 ohms, but only 100 ohms.Then use 仨 to connect in series, 30 led, 90 resistors. If the place is not enough, the resistance will be erected directly.

50k blue and white adjustable   

Miniusb only has a patch, so make it like this


The circuit diagram is here
Since I am a 5v power supply, the spectrum of the diode is used in5817,
The Schottky diode voltage drop is only 0.2V, and the triodes in the 10 circuit diagrams are all used as 8050. The 8550 triode is bought online, it is cheaper, and the resistance is also.
Other components are removed from other locations.

Voice control level indicator module circuit diagram
Effect chart ~~~~No debug number yet. The effect may not be very good.

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